relokacja maszyn montaż maszyn


relokacja maszyn montaż maszyn

Industrial machinery relocation:

  • Installation of new and used industrial machines,
  • Relocation, assembly, and disassembly of industrial machines and devices,
  • Relocation of entire industrial sites,
  • Disassembly and assembly of steel structures,
  • Machinery securing, loading, and transportation,
  • Connecting industrial installations (electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic ones),
  • Machinery scrapping,
  • Machinery renovation,
  • Industrial machines and devices scrapping,
  • Metalworking;

relokacja maszyn montaż maszyn

To efficiently perform the aforementioned services, our employees utilize professional devices, such as: mobile guides (max. load – 100 tons), mobile cranes (max. load – 35 tons), forklifts (max. load – 10 tons), as well as transporting platforms and rollers (max. carrying capacity – 40 tons).

Machines shipped by our company are properly secured before delivery. Customized wooden frames are made in which the devices are stored during transportation process.
By utilizing proper securing materials and chemicals, we can ensure that the transported machines (especially their electric and digital systems) will not be directly exposed to humidity.

The GLOBAL MACHINERY Company provides comprehensive relocation services. We do our best to ensure that a customer who has entrusted us his or her possessions has made more than a sensible decision. We also provide advising-oriented services during the investment planning stage. In many cases time is of the essence, as any delays may directly translate into the loss of profits. Therefore, we try to minimize production delays.

The representatives of the GM Company have designed a unique documentation preparation system with the relocation service provision in mind. Thanks to its adoption, we can execute the ordered undertakings quicker, launching machinery in a swift and effective manner in a new location.

We may also provide support during transportation planning phase. We frequently encounter oversized cargoes that cannot be transported in a typical manner. Our experience makes it possible for us to specify and then use proper platforms and containers in order to transport machines to another country or continent safely. Thanks to the said fact, we can minimize transportation costs which will translate into saving investor’s money.

relokacja maszyn montaż maszynrelokacja maszyn montaż maszynrelokacja maszyn montaż maszynrelokacja maszyn montaż maszyn

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Welcome to the world of relocation machines.


Our company provides complex and professional services oriented towards both assembly and installation of new/used industrial machines, together with connecting them to electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems.

We also specialize in relocations, disassembly, and assembly of industrial machines and production lines.

relokacja maszyn


montaż maszyn


Branches of industry:

  • Textile and paper industry,
  • Energy industry (power boilers, turbine units),
  • Shipbuilding industry,
  • Automotive industry,
  • Machine tools,
  • Food processing machinery,
  • Printing devices,
  • Custom machines (boilers, silos, ventilation units, air conditioning systems, generators, housings);
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